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Welcome to Magnolia Street

Welcome to Magnolia Street, introducing the first book in this series, "When Amy met Gary."

This novel is for and about young people and adults with a learning disability and tells the story of their lives in Magnolia Street.

Meet Amy, Jack, Brenda and Gary who all have a learning disability and learn about the importance of personal safety, friendships and building self-confidence.

Brenda and Amy share a house together and are best friends. But why does Amy like touching walls and what does Brenda do that upsets Amy? When Amy meets Gary in town he tells her about his friend Jack and the Stronger Voices group.

Although this book is about adults with a learning disability, it can help younger readers with a learning disability learn about the adult world through the eyes of the four main characters.

Amy says:
To find out what happened when I met Gary, you can buy the book here and download the free map to show you where we live

Brenda says:
Have you read the Tales from Magnolia Street blog? These are a series of short stories about personal safety and issues which you can read for free

Gary says:
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Jack says:
Did you know you can download the audio book of “When Amy met Gary,” if like me, you would rather listen to the story


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