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Karen Murray says “I love to hear what readers of my book and blog think about the stories I’ve written and I welcome your comments or suggestions of what to include in future stories. Here are a few comments from my readers”

"Brilliant and I hope there will be many more in the series! The layout, print size, content and animation are perfect. I liked the story building into a romance and how the themes of bullying, jealousy, self confidence were seamlessly incorporated into the story without coming across as lecturing or sermonising... Well done to author Karen Murray; this book is a blinder. Get it out there to self advocacy groups, FE colleges, work places, schools, social work/ work in the community and teacher training colleges." - M King, retired teacher

"The group really enjoyed this book as they could relate to a lot of the issues the characters faced. They loved the illustrations and really enjoyed the discussion at the end of each chapter. They are all looking forward to more books in the series" - Catherine (Group Facilitator HFT resource centre)

"I like it that Gary lives on his own. I want to be more independent and do travel training like Amy" - Joseph (HFT resource centre)

"They go on the bus and go to the café. That's what I like!" - Adam (HFT resource centre)

"I like Gary, I want to read more about him" - Jackie (HFT resource centre)

On Amy getting upset about Brenda eating her cereal:

"I would say politely could you not eat my cereal" - Adam (HFT resource centre)

"Brenda go and get your own cereal. I would be infuriated. It's not right it's not on!" - Colin (HFT resource centre)

"I really enjoyed when Amy met Gary, the characters were great and I felt like I made friends with all of them, can’t wait for the next book!" - Alex Dawbarn aged 13

Very, very good, I liked that story. Cool characters! It was very nice to hold the puppets. Characters - like friends at school. I liked that story. Gary has a hearing aid – like me! Listening to story was best. Very nice lady – talked about the story. Jack’s hair looked cool. - P16 Students (Applefields School)

I am writing about the Keep it to yourself stories on the Tales from Magnolia Street blog. There is a good story about looking after your purses and wallets, it reminds us to take care with our money and bank cards and not to give strangers our PIN numbers or personal information. In Stranger Danger, Brenda was very foolish, she trusted someone because he was very good looking and had a nice smile. She will be very unhappy when she finds out what he has done and so will all her friends, especially Amy. R.E. - Jennyruth Workshops


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